Rev. Onyx, HP

RevOnyxAugust2013-1Rev. Onyx HP was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, as the son of a 10-year veteran of the Army Chaplain’s Assistant Corps. During his youth and especially during his teenage years he was exceedingly spiritual.

He grew increasingly uncomfortable with the theology of his youth, however did not know there were other spiritual paths available. He felt deeply that the religion of his youth could not answer the nagging questions that crept into his mind and heart. He felt there had to be more to God than what was expounded upon by the clergy he knew in that religion. He had simply outgrown the Protestant Christian box.

Once he joined the Army in the early 1980’s, he was exposed to other expressions of faith. Spending a lot of time in the local libraries of his station, he was an avid reader and researcher of all things religious and spiritual.

Rev. Onyx HP “came home” to Neo-Paganism in the mid 1980’s, and was initiated into a form of Traditional Witchcraft in February of 1986. He was trained and elevated to Third Degree in that same line over the following years.

During the following years, he established or helped to establish several Covens and Temples. In the mid 1990’s, after leaving the Army he opened a pagan shop in his hometown. This shop was in business for several years and functioned as a community and educational center for the area for all those of the neo-pagan faiths.

Rev. Onyx HP came to the Correllian Tradition in 2008, deciding to “start fresh” in this new tradition; he was initiated as First Degree and received his credentials of First Degree Ministry in February of 2010, under the mentorship of Rev. Bruce Richards HP. He went on to continue his training with the Correllian Tradition and attained the Second Degree of Initiation in August of 2011, also under Rev. Bruce Richards HP. Rev. Onyx HP was elevated to the High Priesthood in August of 2013 in the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

Lord Onyx has also trained and been afforded the title of Reiki Master Teacher under the guidance and tutelage of Nadine Conley RMT, in October of 2012. As an RMT, he is a member of the Correllian Order of Reiki.

Lord Onyx serves as a member of the Correllian Order of Spiritual Advisors and works deeply within the Correllian Military Department as well.

Lord Onyx trained under Rev. Anna Rowe HPS, and is a mentor for all three degrees of clergy in the Correllian Nativist Tradition at Witchschool International, which is an online educational platform for those interested in the Craft. While WSI and the Correllian Tradition are separate entities, the Tradition uses WSI as an online educational platform for the training of aspiring initiates.

Lord Onyx is a junior in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Lord Onyx has a keen interest in all things spiritual. He enjoys working with people in that vein. He is also a student of Ceremonial Magic, the Kabbalah, Esoteric Alchemy, Enochian Magic, and Psychosynthesis.

Currently, Lord Onyx is the Chief Priest for Lady of the Circle in the Oaks, which is a Correllian Proto Temple, located in North Carolina. He is thoroughly invested in its success and eventual deeming as a Full Temple within the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

In addition to his joint venture with Lord Terry Power with Spiritual Unity Radio Network, he writes a blog entitled “Ponderings of a Neo-pagan Priest,” has a YouTube channel entitle “TheRevOnyx,” and many other ventures.

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