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William Brigley was raised in Queensland, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a father of three, and a husband to his longtime high school sweetheart Tracey. Over the past few years, he had been a columnist for the Correllian Times; which later became the Pagan World Times.

During his youth, he explored his spirituality through attending various churches and studying various religious texts to learn their theologies. As a person who experienced visions, premonitions and sensed the energies of others; he quickly learned that his views of the divine and that of spirituality were much different than that of the churches he attended.

Throughout the late 90’s, he was a volunteer fire fighter for what’s now known as the Black Point St. Margaret’s Emergency and Rescue Service, as well an Auxiliary Fire Fighter later on . In 2013 he was accepted as a member of the HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) Fire Fighter Veterans. He also enjoys travelling and has been from various parts of Nova Scotia, to many locations across Canada, including as far west as William Brigley - 2North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

In his spare time, William is also an artistic hobbyist. Adopting his skills from his mother, who is also an artist, he expresses most of his talents through digital art designs, as seen in this piece.

He has also done such work as the graphic designs for LCO, SURN, The Soapbox Witch, Under a Shady Tree, and Visions of the Past; sometimes using a mix of art and his own personal photography.

His belief in the diversity of religions comes from the fact him and his wife share different beliefs; as well his background of exploring various paths over the years, including earth-based belief systems, eventually settling on Correllianism. Currently, William is an Outer Court member of the tradition and in the process of taking his first degree clergy.

Ripple of TimeAs a columnist, he has continued to submit work for digital publication for the world to see. Although he personally does not hold a degree in these professions; he does enjoy researching various peer-reviewed journals, publications and legitimate sources on the topics of archaeology, anthropology and other fields and how it relates to modern Paganism.

As with everything in nature, changes are a constant part of our lives. One of these changes occurred in his life when he had appeared on Chuck and Willow’s Lady of the Circle in the Oaks blog talk radio show. This was a new medium for him, a new endeavor he had never before explored. This gave him not only the opportunity to share the information he found through his research out to the communities; but to also interact with people as well. This eventually led to him becoming a host on SURN (Spiritual Unity Radio Network), and carrying on Visions of the Past as its own show there.

William always hopes that his work is of benefit to all paths, to help with growth, change, settling misconceptions and increasing one’s own knowledge. There is much to be learned from our ancestors. The world of spiritualism and the paths to the divine are ours to explore. He believes we can explore it together.

You can find out more about Visions of the Past by visiting his facebook page at.

Or you can email William directly at: xXTheOneRavenXx@gmail.com

– Blessed be.

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