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Current Schedule of Shows

(All Shows start at 10:00 pm Eastern US Time)

Monday:     Visions of the Past – w/host  William Brigley

Tuesday:     Lord Terry’s Power Hour – w/host  Rev. Terry Power, HP

Wednesday:    The Soapbox Witch – w/host Rev. Onyx, HP

Thursday:    Under a Shady Tree – w/hosts Terry and Onyx

Friday:    Spiritual Wellness and Physical Health – w/hosts Robin A. McKean and Lisa Riepl

Saturday:    LCO on BTR – w/host Rev. Onyx, HP

Sunday:     Sacred Divergence Radio – w/host Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton, HPs

2 thoughts on “Show Schedule

  1. Janet Macdonald

    Awesome job everyone. I am Williams mom ,,and I am so proud of him , I do listen to all the archives because the shows are on too late for me. I get up early in the mornings. I find all the shows are very informative and interesting. Thank you all for creating this . Blessed Be

    1. Rev. Onyx HP

      Thank you, Janet, for your support of William and of our network. We appreciate you and all of our listeners/followers. We are all excited about this project as well. Please help us get the word out.

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